Singapore Day 3

Everyone in Singapore has a bicycle.  But no-one has a new one.  They are all rusty and customised.  This was the best example:

Prepared for EVERY eventuality

I decided to visit Changi Museum.  It’s a rip.  You can’t take photos inside, it’s a pest to get to, the museum is small, there aren’t that many relics and the prison itself has been torn down.  All that’s left is a section of the fence that is now within the civilian prison compound:

If you do go Get off at Tana Merah interchange and take the No. 2 bus but make sure you’re going the right way!  If you pass a garden centre on the left as you start and then go past the expo centre you’re ok.  It’s too far to walk.

I went back to the city centre and visited the Asian Civilisations Museum.  It’s in the colonial district so outside is a statue of Sir Stamford Raffles

Take THAT!

The museum is full of religious and ceremonial artifacts, but not many everyday objects.

A rather cute grave object from Thailand, about 500BC

Dayak headhunter bits and pieces

Supreme calligraphy skills

I changed my hostel to the Inn Crowd – $20/night with breakfast (toast and eggs).  The bathroom facilities were a bit gross and it was full.  It is more like a traditional backpackers if you like that sort of thing.  I personally would rather not be woken up by people messing about with their headtorches at 3am.


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