Singapore Day 4

Chinatown.  It’s in the southern part of the city.  First stop was the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.  On the ground floor were people chanting

On the next floor there was a museum all about Buddhism, then on the next floor there was an ancestor worship section

The food is an offering

The actual tooth was so small it had a video camera zoomed in showing a picture on a big screen.  But this was the building it was in:

The rest of Chinatown is a mix of bland tourist markets (though I did find a man selling matchboxes covered in Nazi symbols and pictures of Hitler)

and genuine Chinese shops,

mostly selling traditional medicine.  One place had a huge pice of bark with a ribbon around it.  There is also a Hindu temple.  You have to pay if you want to take pictures inside.  It’s more of the same sort of thing.

From here I went back to Little India.  On the way I saw this

In a complex of bookshops

Little India was full of people selling jewellery, vegetables,  fabric, and flowers

I went back to my hostel and had to use my sleeping bag – the air conditioning was set to Antarctic.


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