Singapore Day 2

I started by going to Orchard Road.  On the way I passed this example of the colonial administration:

Then came the shops.  They were all shut!  Nothing opened properly until 10!  Then it was just madness.  Potentially expensive madness.  Lots of high-end shops, and lots of duplication – like 2 Prada shops facing each other on opposite sides of the street.

It wasn’t really my thing but I did spy these:

Soft toy microbes!

From there it was off to the zoo.  Big Brother was watching in the train station:

Fair enough about the durian. Don't go carrying your fruit around with you like a handbag!

The zoo itself was on par with Auckland, but more exotic animals.


Mia and Lizzie

Pygmy hippos

The monkey THAT ATTACKED ME. This is just as he was about to strike.

His friend that watched the whole episode

Lovely orchid for mother

Anaconda! The largest was about 4m with a girth of 30cm

Malaysian horned frog


Fruit bats

Lemur AND BABY! And there were lots of them! And I patted them ALL!

Leopard cat. It is the size of a domestic cat. It just sat by the glass allowing people to admire it.

And of course flamingoes

From there it was a 1hr wait for the Night Safari to open.  I couldn’t take photos there but they have a wonderful collection – mouse deer, sugar gliders, civet, pangolins, leopards, a tiger, LOTS of elephants, more tapir, the slow loris (and it IS slow), and wild cattle.  The line for the tram has a BILLION people.  You’re expected to watch the tack-fest show they put on.  I walked around the whole park then found myself in a section with no fences talking to a tapir.  Then someone called at me from a bush as I had wandered on to the tram only road.  That would explain why there was no footpath.  They put me on the next tram AND I didn’t have to wait in the queue!  The elephants are trained to perform so when the tram comes past they pose on 2 feet.  It’s a bit cheesy.


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