Garmisch-Partenkirchen to Innsbruck

It was raining, so that answered my question of whether to go up one of the cable cars on my last day.  Instead I went back to the town centre.

The bird feeder on the Kurpark – nifty!

The firefighters had set up and even bigger display.

There must have been at least 30 appliances, some trade stalls, historic engines, cherry-picker things, and a demonstration of a fire bucket (getting the children wet).


It’s a tiny Unimog!  I want one!

Airport appliance.  Note the cannon on top.

Historic engine, with historic uniforms in the background.

I don’t know why they need a hovercraft.  Better to have one and not need it, I suppose.

If you are visiting Garmisch there are public toilets near the information office (50 cents and NO change given!) but in the Kurpark they have free ones.


I went to the Kurpark and had a sandwich for lunch.  They have a display of model historic houses from the area.

My lunch cake.  It was plum.

I caught the train to Innsbruck.  The ticket says you need to print it out if you’re going over the border, but you don’t.

I arrive late afternoon and caught the tram to my hostel.

Marmota hostel

View from my room

Contrary to their advertising they do NOT have a laundry.  It was also, unlike my previosu accommodation, full of foreigners.  Hmph!  I caught the tram back to town to find somewhere to do my laundry.  Four Euros for a load of washing!  Fortunately the industrial nuclear-powered dryer had it dry in 10 minutes, so the drying was only 1 Euro more.

I went to a supermarket and bought some sandwich makings for dinner.  I then walked about the town a bit.

There happened to be a blues festival going on in the square. This included some ‘funky accordion’.  The mixture of old and new! This monument was alo in the square. They do like arches here. I set out for the bar someone had told me I must visit. As it turned out the bar (on the 7th floor) was far too fancy and far too crowded for me to get in to, but I did take a photo from the corridor outside.


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