Get the look – Rome

I made the most of an unexpected day in Rome by checking out the fashion.  Rome had a lot more variety than Germany and the clothes were MUCH cheaper – less than Eur100 an item, anyway.


For a start – halter necks. The dresses in Germany were all the same, with sequined bodices and that was it. The Roman style had a lot more details in the construction


Again, details in construction


See the ruffle on the shouler here


I’m not sure about this bag though


Truth in advertising


Wraps and mock wraps were popular. Note the mock wrap under the jacket here


Ruffle-front blouse


Excellent blouse/jacket combo here. Note the tie one the neck


Same shop – a really bold casual suit with an upmarket Hawaiian-style print on the blouse


Double denim is never in, no matter what they tell you


Simple and elegant


Swimwear had a lot more variety including a LOT of one piece suits, and items such as ‘beach trousers’. Not everybody has a slim figure but the Italians will sell you stylish things that are flattering. I thought this was a good compromise for those that want a bit more coverage than a bikini.


Wide-legged trousers were common, as they should be. This kind of loose linen look was everywhere


LOOK at the lines of that jacket!


Ruffle-front blouses are excellent

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