Get the look – Bavaria

I have noticed that traditional clothing is sold very widely here, and worn more than I’d expected.  Now of course the traditional dress would look good, but you’re a bit limited as to where you can wear it.


Note the key features on the jacket here – 4 button closure, slightly below knee length, detailed seams and the princess line cut.tn_P1110457

But there are people doing a modernised look. Here’s a traditional style jacket and somewhat traditional blouse, worn with jeans, and it works quite well.  The jacket cut cut is not too far from a modern short jacket such as a denim/motorcycle cut.tn_P1110437

Here the jacket is a bit further removed from the traditional style (with the addition of lapels) but the lines of the hat evoke a Tyrolean hunting hat.


Now here is a good example of how you could give something the Bavarian look – note the piping on the seams of this blouse, the lines of the collar and cap sleeve style.


This last one is possibly the furthest removed, but still has the short length and upright collar.


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