Return to Munich!

With the opportunity for my first holiday in a LONG time I decided to go back to Germany.  The flight went via Vienna.


Hello goodbye

The stopover was only just long enough to process through passport control and security and catch the connecting flight.


Like giant Norman strip farms

I arrived at Munich airport and it was basically like going to the future.  Not only do they have a train going from the airport to town, but it runs on time!

My accomodation was small but cheap and although on a main road the soundproofing in the window was effective.

The next morning I set out for RISCHART!


Then to seal the deal I had a chocolate milk that was 30% cream and cost 70c.  Fantastisch. Take that, Lewis Road!

Just because it’s Germany and nothing starts until 10am I went wandering around the shops in the train station, which have expanded greatly since I was last there.  One was a general goods store with a surprisingly excellent stationery section.  Were else could you buy a fountain pen and ink at the train station?!

They also had things featuring this delightful unicorn, Pummel.  He eats biscuits.


It means ‘I’m not fat, I’m cuddly’

Once everything was open I set forth to wander!


This is a recent art installation to remember the gays and lesbian repressed by the Nazis


I found a shop devoted to ‘writing culture’. Lovely pens and stationery!

I found Sportsheck – one of the giant sports stores.  They had a pair of shoes that I might just be able to wear!  I also found a place that had replacement blades for the one in my Swisscard that airport security took off me, in case I was going to hijack a plane with a letter-opener.


Rischart break – Mohnschnitte (poppy seed cake on shortbread base)

From here I went to Oberpollinger – a giant high-end department store.  They had perfume on the ground floor and I accidentally sprayed perfume down my arm.  I was smelling it when a man asked me in German why I was sniffing my arm.  My German didn’t extend far enough to explain the situation!

I was looking for a handbag for mother (no success) and building my style gallery for this season: in general, the palette is pink, orange, white, and some blue. Trousers with bold floral prints are still in. Houndstooth had a small showing.  There was NO tweed.


Ignore the silly trousers bt I did like this combination of jacket and shirt (the jacket picked up a colour in the pattern)


At $480 this would not make a good windbreaker for daily use. But isn’t it pretty?


Ribbons applied to give a ‘racing stripe’ were VERY common. I’m not entirely convinced


Would a stripe on jacket and trouser be too much? I think so. Also, it looks a bit odd on anything that’s not a dinner suit


Hugo Boss had a lot of excellent dresses for


Also Boss. The colour was actually a vibrant purple. I think the colour suited me and I want a suit in it.


Dior’s offering looks almost Edwardian – note the straight cut of the jacket, high neck with feature fastening, and wide lapels


Some traditional dress – really super tailoring

The lowest price for anything was about $200 so I was strictly taking ideas to make myself back home.  I tried looking in the 2ndhand shop but they just had $400 things marked down to $200.

I proceeded to the Viktualienmarkt.


As wonderful as ever

Then I went across town towards Globetrotter Sport.


Churches, and for those uninterested in churches, a Rischart


The Rathaus!


There was some BMW pop-up showroom



Some nice planting


Die Residenz!


The Isator. It’s 14th century

Across from this was GLOBETROTTER.  This is the outdoor shop that has 4 floors including a pool to try out your kayak before you buy.  I looked at boots (nothing suitable), bought a map and compass for my walking, and a snack bar.  Of course I looked at everything else, including cycling gear, knives, stoves, clothing, bags, packs, tents, torches, freeze-dried food, waxed canvas gear, and books.

Having avoided bankruptcy, I went back to Rischart.


It was called ‘Spanish torte’ – it was some kind of cinnamon/vanilla layer cake with a shortbread base, sponge and cream layers, with a thicker icing of some description on the top, and a cherry

Revived, I returned to the hotel to put my feet up.


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