Blackball Easter Fair

Yay!  Easter!  After spending Good Friday making hot cross buns and listening to Handel’s Messiah I took a trip to Blackball on Saturday.  They had their annual Easter Fair at the Community Hall.  This reminded me a great deal of playcentre fundraisers in the 1980s, except that the men were mostly wearing leather waistcoats, and one had a t-shirt saying “Blackball – Where the hell is.”


There were a few stands selling secondhand items – clothes, cassette tapes, old books, a slide projector, and goat cheese.

The local volunteer fire brigade had a dunking stand.  While I was ther the mayor of Grey, Tony Kokshoorn, was in the seat.

Unfortunately I was too quick on the shutter and captured his “Oh crap, here it comes” expression.

I went inside to look at what they had on offer, and on the way in bought a raffle ticket from the Women’s Institute.  For those who thought, “They still have those?!” the answer is yes – in Blackball!

Anyway, inside they had a silent auction.

What a collection!  You can’t see the Venus in a shell off to the left.

I actually wanted to buy one (the landscape in the middle) but they’re not big on capitalism in Blackball – there was no sheet for the bids.  Hmph!  I went to the next room, which was covered in various historic blurbs.  In the next room there was someone selling coconut ice and sampling pickles.

Back outside someone was selling tickets for a wheel of fortune.  However the whole time I was there they never spun it.  What a swindle!  Maybe they are better at capitalism than I thought!

Guess the weight of the pumpkin!

In the next bulding the Salvation Army had a clothing rummage sale, and someone else was selling soap.  At the back of the hall they had a children’s demonstration . . .

of boxing.

Back outside I decided to buy a sausage.  However they were using raw sausages and were only cooking up about 5 at a time so the queue took forever to move.  Supply not meeting demand!  While waiting I watched someone receive a free spinal check.  A man ran one hand down a woman’s back while holding a crystal suspended on a string in the other hand.
“You’ll see it move when I run my hand across a painful spot”
Since it was free, I think the price mechanism was working in this case.

I left the fair and walked in to town (100m).


Across the street is the Blackball Salami Co., which sells very good products.  I bought a garlic salami and some cabelas.  Delicious, but $20.

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