Hawaii Part 3

I started the day with the most delicious flavoured milk in the world.

Chug Milk Shake

and this would be why it's so delicious

There is a lot of tourist business competition in Hawaii so all the Hanauma Bay snorkelling trips cost $14.95.  I took an early one (7.30am pick up, arrive at the bay 8.00).  You have to watch a safety video but it isn’t bad.

The bay isn't crowded early in the morning

There had been some bad weather so the water was a bit murky.  However it was still clearer than NZ water at any time.  I was the first one in and immediately saw a turtle!

Apparently quite rare here

These photos are courtesy of my Panasonic Lumix waterproof camera

So close I had to avoid touching them

So cute

Lots of photos to get my money's worth from Hawaii

They let me swim with them for about 5 min, then disappeared in to the murk.

Tropical fish

The reef was only about 1m below the surface


It was actually quite cold so I sat on the beach for a while


I went further south

Sometimes the water was too shallow


The bay

Yes, Hawaii does look like this

Later in the day it was more crowded - this is at 11am

I had lunch at IHOP, just to eat there before I left the USA.

Festive white chocolate and mint pancakes, hash brown and eggs. The festive pancakes were much cheaper than the regular menu ones.

Finally I set out to do the one thing I had been planning since the start of my trip.

Having a drink out of a pineapple!

Apparently a lot of places think it’s too kitsch, but I went to the Atlantis restaurant in Waikiki.  It’s opposite the Apple store and next to california Pizza Kitchen.  They have a Pineapple Royale for $13.50 including tax.  I asked for a non-alcoholic one and they gave me some kind of pink slush.  It was nice, and there was a LOT of it.  Pineapples are big!


After that I caught a shuttle to the airport.  I was worried when I saw a lot of school groups on my flight back to NZ but since i was in premium economy I was away from them.  The new Air NZ entertainment system is good but the range of programmes is a bit limited, and it’s full of rugby and Shortland St.  I arrived back at 6am and only had to put my bags through the x-ray.  He did ask me why I had 36 boxes of chocolates, but I didn’t have to unpack my bags.  Success!

The End.

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