Hawaii Part 2 – Pearl Harbour

I took the bus to Pearl Harbour and arrived at 9am.  Don’t bring a bag if you can avoid it as they charge $3 per bag at the coat check and you must leave all bags there, including handbags.

They give you a free ticket to see the USS Arizona but everything else is expensive – the Missouri is $15 even with a military discount.

Free entertainment - they have a torpedo park. These are nuclear missiles.

A nuclear torpedo. Yes it would affect the ship that launched it.

The USS Bowfin. They charge entry so I didn't go aboard

Before you take the ferry to the Arizona memorial you watch a short and rather strange documentary film.  The ferry takes about 5 min.

The memorial


Roll of Honour

About 2 litres of oil surfaces each day, and it will keep escaping for at least the next century.

Do ask the rangers about the site as they are very interesting.

The only exposed area

Submerged section visible through a cut-out in the memorial floor

The museum is small but reasonable.

Facsimile of Roosevelt's Day of Infamy speech notes

Japnese pilot's belt of a thousand stitches

I left Pearl Harbour and went shopping again – this time stocking up on Hawaiian Host chocolate macadamia nuts.  The economy boxes are about $4 in the ABC shops but Long’s had them for $2 on special, so I bought 24.  After doing some more shopping I thought this was insufficient and bought another 12.  Yes, everyone isgetting chocolates from me this Christmas!  I also loaded up on protein powder since it’s so cheap in the US.

Spotted at an animation shop - HOW DO THEY KNOW ME SO WELL?!?!

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