San Diego Day 4

I made a pilgrimage to Tactical Assault Gear.  One of their warehouses is 45min south of San Diego by tram.  Gucci!  GUCCI!!  They have a small showroom but it is all good – just equipment, not clothing.  I looked for a while then went up the road a bit for lunch.

A chimichanga. This must have been about 1kg. If I'd continued on the tram for another 20min I would have been in Mexico.

That afternoon I went to the USS Midway, another aircraft carrier.  This is infinitely better than the USS Intrepid, as it is still owned by the navy, and hasn’t been turned in to a floating theme park.  It’s also free for all military personnel.  Yay!

330m long, with a 4 acre flight deck

F-4 Corsair

Ratings' quarters

How to maximise small spaces

Junior officers' quarters

Pilot's survival kit

Briefing room

The brig. Unlike the Intrepid you can have a look at almost all the areas of the ship


It was easier to take a photo of this than the steam turbine

Back on the hangar deck

F-8 cockpit THAT YOU CAN SIT IN. Wheee!

A-8 cockpit


XO's quarters

Officers' mess. Japanese theme due to home port of Okinawa. They also had a 3 flavour milk machine.

Master CPO's quarters

Inspection order locker

The same things laid flat

CPOs' mess

Ratings' mess


Radiography at sea


On the main deck

AD-1 Skyraider

F-4 Phantom


UH-1 gunship

View from flight control bridge

The wheel!

Unlike the Intrepid they have former sailors and officers giving tours.  The only way to the bridge is on a tour, and it takes about 30 min.  To see the whole ship takes about 3 hours.

The USS Ronald Regan was docked across the bay at Coronado

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