San Diego Day 3

I went to the Hillcrest Farmers Market.  This was slightly difficult since the San Diego mass transit system likes to give very vague locations for the bus stops.  When it says catch the 7 from City College, it actually means go 2 blocks north of City College.  There is no map of the bus stops.  Even Auckland has those.  Jack!

The market is very good.

Hillcrest farmers' market

They have a lot of fresh produce, artisan food stalls, and some other craft stalls.  I bought some proper mozzarella – they also have cheese made with raw milk.  However they still have that weird marbled American cheese if you like that.  There is a LOT of sampling – I tried candied nuts, flavoured salt, hummus, garlic dip (SO GOOD), a lot of fruit, tostadas, cheesecake, biscuits, and Indian food (this is much more exotic in San Diego than it is in NZ).

After that I wobbled down to the zoo.  It’s free for military  – but only US military!  Jack!  I had a coupon for $5 off and it was still $35.  It was afternoon and most of the animals were asleep.

Hippo bums

Red panda! This was after the crowd had yelled at it for 15min to wake up and look at the cameras.

Panda! This is a star attraction. Only 4 zoos in the US have pandas.

I have had a thing about pandas since Xiao Xiao and Fei Fei came to Auckland in 1988.

The baby! Having a snooze.



San Diego zoo is unlike others I have visited as it has escalators.  This may sound like a terribly American thing but the site is quite steep, and they’d be very handy if one of the children collapsed and cried ‘Carry me!’

Jaguar. They pens are quite well laid out - the dens are close to the front, so if the animals are sleeping you can still see them

That didn't help for the mountain lion, who was awake and observing everything from behind a rock at the back of the enclosure.

Sea eagle

There is a large eagle section.  But as far as national birds go eagles will never be as good as small flightless balls of fluff.


Of course noone could see ANYTHING in the kiwi house.  Someone even turned on a torch and still couldn’t find anything!

The eye! Outside there were some keas enjoying an American diet of peanut butter smeared on their rope toy.

More awesome birds. I love flamingoes.

Rare zebra

I don't think carrots are native to the Arctic


Some veldt creature

What a wonderful mane!

The lion plays with a giant barrel, carrying it around in its mouth.

It's unusual to have a paired lioness in the same enclosure


World's largest rodents

Elephants. Meh! I have washed an elephant!

The secretary bird

Dung beetles!

They seem to have a meerkat enclosure everywhere there was a spare space



This mountain leopard was in season and was quite happily resting on the keeper's shoulders. I do not know how it got there.

They are very proud of their kangaroos, wallabies and koalas. Zzzz! Next!

Sun bear


They have a large reptile house, including poisonous frogs


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