Anaheim – DISNEYLAND!!

I took a train from Oceanside to Anaheim, and stayed at the Rodeway Inn.  It’s only a mile from Disneyland and was $55/night for a twin double room, with fridge and microwave.

I set out after making the most of the free breakfast (they had doughnut for breakfast?!) and arrived at Disney at 8.45am.

I worked my way to the front, being unencumbered by prams, the weak, etc.

I managed to time it so that I was there in the very lowest point of the year, on a week day.  It was just right.  They hold everyone behind a rope until 9am, and then there is a loudspeaker message to ‘move in a controlled manner’.  At 9.00.01 there was a surge of powerwalking!

Some people went straight to the statue so they could have a shot without peole in it

I’d planned my tactics so first I went to Star Tours and collected a FastPass, then Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for another pass – this is an anomaly, and is the only ride where you can hold 2 Fastpasses.  Next I went to Indiana Jones but it was shut.  JACK!  I went to Pirates of the Caribbean and did not have to queue. In fact I hardly had to queue at all.  Disneyland is actually quite small – about as large as Rainbow’s End, and without the hill – so you can go between rides easily.

Ride Report:

Pirates of the Caribbean
Length: 13 min
Style: Animatronic
Queue: None
Whee factor: Whee
Comment: See the ride that inspired the film after it has been inspired by the film!

Haunted House
Length: 7 min
Style: Animatronic
Queue: None
Whee factor: Whee
Comment: Not scary

The New Orleans section

Star Tours
Length: 7 min
Style: 3-d motion master
Queue: Fast pass
Comment: I went 3 times, and the film changes each time!

Space Mountain
Length: 3 min
Style: Roller coaster
Queue: Fast pass
Whee factor: WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment: An indoor roller coaster in the dark!  So cool!

And it takes your photo!

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Length: 3 min
Style: Roller coaster
Queue: Fast pass
Whee factor: Whee!
Comment: A mild roller coaster

Splash Mountain
Length: 4 min
Style: Log flume
Queue: Fast pass
Whee factor: Whee!
Comment: Smile for the camera just before the big drop

Matterhorn Bobsleds
Length: 3 min
Style: Roller coaster
Queue: a few min
Whee factor: Whee
Comment: Very mild

Length: 2 min
Style: Dizzying
Queue: a few min
Whee factor: Blurgh
Comment: Don’t go after eating.

Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
Length: 6 min
Style: Shooting gallery
Queue: 15 min
Whee factor: Kablam!
Comment: You shoot with laser blasters while on a conveyor, and there is a score on your car.

River Safari Ride
Length: 8 min
Style: Boat ride with witty guide
Queue: 5 min
Whee factor: Teh lolz.
Comment: Strong Bad’s RiverQuest SafariVenture makes a lot more sense now.



Length: N/A
Style: Information thing
Queue: None
Whee factor: Educational?  Lame!
Comment:It’s heavily sponsored.

A Honda hybrid

The kitchen of THE FUTURE. Note bottom opening oven to the right

There is also a picture ager that takes your photo and ages it 50 years.
Woman next to me: “It’s not very flattering.”

Finding Nemo Submarine
Length: 15 min
Style: Submarine with projected show
Queue: 5 min
Whee factor: Zzzz
Comment: The sound seemed very loud

There were more rides that I didn’t go on.

Reason: BABIES!

That’s ok because it left more time for SPACE MOUNTAIN!!!  Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

There are also places to wander about and spend your excess cash.  The food is very expensive – for lunch it’s much better to go out and walk 500m down the road and come back, but DON’T go to the Subway!  The food isn’t safe!!


Fun with topiary

Main Street USA

They had a reasonable parade at 6pm, but people started taking spots at 5.  The 7pm lighting show is saccharine but still nice, and you can’t help but feel the magic when the castle lights up and fake snow starts coming down.  Aww.  The 7.30pm fireworks show is extremely good, and lasts a full 15 min.

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