Williamsburg to New York

I took a night train back to New York.  It left at 5.25pm and stopped at all stations.  There was a 1hr layover at Washington so I wandered around the station for a while.  It was 9.30pm by then and the shops were starting to shut.  Auntie Anne’s (a pretzel shop) left all their leftovers out the front so I swagged several cups of pretzel sticks before reboarding the train.

It was difficult to sleep – and I slept on a 3rd class train in China, so I have no idea why I couldn’t sleep here.  I arrived in New York at 3am and spent a couple of hours in an internet cafe before heading to the hostel.  I was able to sleep on a couch there for a few hours before heading back out in to the city.

My first stop was a flea market around 25th st.  If you like random crap markets this is the place to go – they had broken electronics, old medals and badges (Lituanians for Ford!), clothes, and VHS casettes.

Nothing useful, but all strangely compelling

After that I went to the USS Intrepid.  It’s normally $25 but for military it’s free!  I don’t know if it is worth paying that much for but I found it worthwhile.  When you go immediately line up for the USS Growler– a Cold War submarine.  You do get hurried through a bit but it’s still interesting to see the nuclear missile hangars, and the bridge has a periscope.

The Bomb

Classy fake wood panelling


CPOs not very privileged


The Intrepid is an aircraft carrier that served from WW2 to Vietnam.  Not much is open to see but you can look at the bridge and some of the sleeping quarters.  The hangar deck has some aircraft and a large science exhibition for children.

Junior officers' quarters


Different types of seats found aboard ship - crane, dentist, ready room, ejector, and plain.

Compact helicopter

A-4 Skyhawk. Waaaaaaaaaah!

F-4 Phantom


Aye aye captain!

Note ultra-high-pressure squeeze of people

One of the captain's 3 bedrooms!


A-12 spy plane


The bridge has 3 storeys


It's $9 extra to go inside the Concorde

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