San Francisco Day 3

I had seen that the Auto Show was in town so I went!

New McLaren

Ultra-practical Lincoln minivan

5m wheelbase and deck so high it needs stairs Ford pickup

No steep driveways

Scion rival to the Smart

I don't think it will catch on

New Jag XK

Ladies' Aston Martin

Oooooh Lotus. No touching!



The Cadillac Guzzler

How do you make a car that uneconomical?!

Classic style

2012 copy

Honda NSX. 20 years old.

From the Academy of Art University Museum. They had a lot of excellent classic and vintage cars on display


Unrestored! The chauffeur inherited the car from the owners with 31 000 miles on the clock.

Class system in a car

Chevrolet Volt.

The Patriomobile!

Everything in excess. INCLUDING EXCESS!!

Still a fogue's car


A 4wd cabriolet. World's 2nd most stupid car

Nissan LEAF. They had test drives inside the building. It's ok.

Honda Fit - the new Shuttle.

Dodge Ram - for when you need a 200m turning circle.

My favourite for a car to actually drive was the Ford Focus – it had the best ergonomics and economics.

After lunch I bimbled about the town.

Transamerica Pyramid

Occupy SF!

Note the definition of legal tender

Colt Tower

I went across to the Ferry Building and sampled all the fancy things, like kale chips (actually really delicious) and schmancy icecream.  They had a kitchen shop there to drool in.

New Zealand plasticware!

Need a whisk?

Colt Tower

That evening I stopped by a magazine shop, and found the magnificent PAULA DEEN!

Experts agree: You NEED a layer cake this holiday season!

That evening I went to the Oakland Occupy General Assembly.  There was some sort of vegetarian mush and bread available for dinner.  People split in to groups of 10 to discuss how to deal with the police.  People reported back, and then representatives from various committees reported on what they were doing.  The Occupiers are certainly not anarchists – everything has strict rules and there seemed to be as much red tape as in any government institution.  The consensus seemed to be that a disciplined response was needed.

When I returned to the warehouse I found people trying to make Thanksgiving dinner.  I was given instructions to make the mashed potatoes and was issued with a litre of cream, 200g of butter and a gallon of milk.  They turned out rather well!  The hit of the night was a green bean casserole.  I have never had one – beans in a thick concoction that tasted of reduced cream and onion soup.  Worth trying!

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