San Francisco Day 2

My lodgings

I had found I was staying at a flatting situation in a warehouse.  They had a circus ring and silks suspended from the ceiling.  I left rather promptly in the morning.

Occupy Oakland has been cleared out so the die hards are Occupying a tree.

There is a decent subway to San Francisco (the BART) and it’s $3.10 from Oakland.  I went across and did some shopping.  Ghirardelli was giving away samples of peppermint chocolate so I went in and bought some other seasonal flavours – eggnog, pumpkin spice caramel, and white chocolate.  The pumpkin spice is ok but the eggnog is weird.  Macy’s had all sorts of lovely things, and sampling from a fancy coffee machine.
“I’d like a hot chocolate.”
“Are you over 18???”
Obviously I am not looking stressed at the moment.  Sketcher’s had a sign advertising free treats so I partook!

Biscuits advertising running shoes.

I found the REI and did some serious shopping – so many lovely things!  But they’re not as good as Globetrotter.  I did $125 of experimenting to prove this.

Next I made my pilgrimage to Triple Aught Design.  They have an ultra-minimalist lines-and-surfaces shop in Hayes Valley.  After coming all the way from NZ . . . they didn’t have any jackets in Multicam.  What a rip!  But they did have some very nice things.

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