New York to Los Angeles

I started at 6am to catch a flight at 11.30.  I took an airport bus at 7.15 and arrived at JFK at 8.45am.  Very early, but I did not miss my flight!  Airport security was at full strength – I had to have a body scan, but they let me take my scissors onboard after checking that they were less than 4″ long.

I flew United.  If you are in uniform they let you board first.  Dammit!  It was labelled a premium service but economy passengers had to pay for meals.  I had ferreted away a sandwich stash and was ok – it’s a 6 hour flight, after all.  The entertainment was all on tv screens – mostly tv programmes.

The scenery was stunning. Having to get up 100 times for the Germans next to me who took 3 drinks each every time the hostess came around was not.

I arrived in Los Angeles at 2pm.  There is no decent subway connection to the city, and the shuttle buses come at random intervals.  It took 1hr to get in to the city.  I was staying in Hollywood and the subway connection from Union Station was simple.


It was FULL of tourists.  Everyone was taking pictures of the footpath.

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