New York Day 2

After a lovely night of sleep in the hostel I headed out to Wall Street.

No close ups!

Then I took the free ferry to Staten Island.  This was just to go past the Statue of Liberty.

At 5x zoom

New York.

I walked up to the former site of the World Trade Centre.  The memorial is free to enter but you must apply in advance for a ticket.  I thought I’d try for a walk-up ticket, but they had run out by the time I arrived (11.30).  Instead I went to Zuccotti Park.  The Occupation had been moved out but there were some protesters there.

9/11 truthers

It's a very nebulous protest

New WTC tower

I took a train uptown and happened to walk past the Rockerfeller Centre.  On the offchance that they gave a military discount I went in.  They did!  50% off so it was only $11 to go to the viewing level.  It’s well worth it – the view was as impressive as the Pyramids at Giza.

Facing south

Facing north

I continued walking uptown.  I went in to the Sony showroom to buy a replacement mp3 Walkman but they didn’t have any!  Not fancy enough.  Instead I played on a PS3 for a while then went to FAO Schwarz.  They’re better than Toys ‘R Us.  It’s also right next to the Apple temple showroom.

On my way to the Guggenheim I passed more Occupiers.

The chap in the background had a leaf in his hair.



The Guggenheim also has a military discount – $3 off.  They had some lovely things on show – Cezanne, Gaugin, Monet, Manet, Van Gough.  I love Impressionism.  They also had a decent amount of Kandinsky’s Bauhaus period.  There was some monochrome art from the 60s-70s but it was all crap.  One looked like a Formica bench top.  The pop art was ok, but I still fail to see how Lichenstein’s enlarging of a yellow pages ad is art.  The central lobby had the complete collection of Cattelan’s works, arranged as a mobile.

But is it art?

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