Los Angeles

It takes FOREVER to get anywhere in LA.  I started by going Downtown to the Central Market.

It's mostly places selling ethnic food, but they are cheap


Some kind of Mexican spice biscuit thing for 70c


The Bradbury Building

This is supposedly a major tourist attraction but I can’t see why – it’s not that impressive.

Supposedly amazing vaulted ceiling

City Hall

Then I met my friends, the Occupiers.

It's the Illuminati's fault!

I see!


Note John Lennon impersonator

Downtown L.A.

There is a lot of excellect Art Deco/Moderne architecture in LA.

Edison Company building

Being in California the concentration of Mexican eating places had increased 100 fold.

My $5 lunch. The burrito was soft and had about 1/2kg of filling. The corn chips are also much oilier and therefore much more delicious



I took a bus across town.  I think it was only about 7km but it took nearly 1hr.

The La Brea tar pits!

They have a lot of other pits around but they’re not worth looking at – they’re just mud with oil on top.  The LACMA is worth a look for the building.

Difficult to see, but the slate facing was fabulous. The museum itself was shut when I went.

The tar pits have a museum that is free for US military but not foreigners.  And they check!  It’s $8 for an adult entry and is very 70s but quite interesting.

Sabre-toothed cat

Earthenware from 1600BC - after the pyramids were built.




Paleontology in action!


After that I walked up to the Farmers’ Market – it’s a set up of boutique stalls selling meats, chocolates and baked goods.  There’s a decent vintage shop selling 50s kitsch and a shop devoted to stickers.  I started on my Thanksgiving shopping by buying some NZ lamb at Whole Foods.  They are a schmancy supermarket for hipsters who want to be sustainable but can’t be bothered being a hippie.  Anyway they sell Parmalat milk so they can’t be that interested in researching their suppliers.  But they do have good sampling.

Since I didn’t want to spend all my money I did the rest of my shopping at Trader Joe’s in Hollywood.  They are also more inclined to organic produce but are surprisingly cheap and have MEGA SAMPLING.  When I went they were serving pumpkin and pecan pies.  I took some samples, and some empty pie plates.  I did need something to cook the apple pie in, after all.

The next day was Thanksgiving.  I spent all morning in the kitchen making roast lamb, stuffing, macaroni and cheese (my host didn’t want potato), boiled veg, cheese sauce, Yorkshire pudding, and NZ tart.  I had a decent stove, oven and microwave, but no saucepans!  Makes for interesting home economics.  My host watched football.

The meal went down well and my host retired.  I went for a walk.  Hollywood was full of tourists and homeless people.

The Chinese Theatre

After sorting through all the nobodies (Twilight!) and silliness (Darth Vader) I found someone who was actually decent.

The Walk of Fame is similarly full of nobodies – Antonio Banderas has a star?!  Some people have two, to fill in space.  Was Basil Rathbone that good?

I'm a fan of hers since seeing The Manchurian Candidate

After avoiding a hundred homeless people I found a view of the Hollywood sign.

Hollywood is actually really seedy.

Then I found a vintage shop with THE WORLD’S MOST FABULOUS DRESS.

Look at it. LOOK AT IT!!!

Alas, it was too small.  But I was glad to see it had been well used – the button loop at the collar had been repaired several times.  This sort of thing must be shared!

In a similar vein, the Capitol Records building, designed to look like a stack of records.


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