LA to San Francisco

I left early to catch my bus – I used Hoang, which leaves from Chinatown.  Since I arrived so early I decided to have breakfast at a nearby diner.

Since 1948!

I ordered a Sunrise breakfast – $7.50 for eggs, toast, hash browns and bacon.  I substituted fruit for the hash browns for 50c.  What did I get for my $8?  Bad singing from the waitress, a 20min wait for my food, and the pleasure of having to ask for my toast.  The eggs were poached in oil but the fruit salad was ok.  I think I’d have had a better time ordering waffles.

The Hoang bus left at 10.45 and went straight to San Francisco – there was a short stop at 1pm and everyone was issued a decent Vietnamese filled roll on departure.  The drive was quite boring for most of the time – a completely straight and flat road!  Near to San Jose the hills were quite scenic.

I arrived in Oakland at 6pm.  The bus goes to a fairly dodgy part of town so I deployed my speed marching skills to hoof it to central Oakland.

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