Washington to Richmond

My host’s housemate had been to Sam’s Club to do the shopping.

Yes, a kilogram of corn chips

I took a Chinatown bus to Richmond.  It took 2 hours.  Once there I didn’t have quite enough time to see anything so I went to the library and waited for my hostess to pick me up.

The street where I stayed

The next morning it was raining, because I had to lug my pack.  I went to Historic Tredegar, and old ironworks.


There is a Civil War museum here ($8, no military discount!)  It’s ok, but does press 3 themes on to events that feel quite forced – union, home, freedom.  The maps also need arrows!

I lugged myself up to the Museum of the Confederacy.  It’s in between hospital buildings and next to the White House of the Confederacy.  Free entry for military! And a cloakroom!  I dumped my pack and went on a tour.  The White House is well worth seeing, but they don’t allow photography.  The restoration has been done very well, with reproduction carpets and wallpaper.  The interior is very grand but one of the smallest rooms was where the family spent most of their time (presumably because it was warm) and they called it The Snuggery.

The museum has the largest collection of Confederate relics.  They certainly have a LOT of uniforms.

Private's shell jacket and dress coat

Lee's camp set

Battle flag

They had a good gallery about soldiers' lives. Note the 100% unergonomic square pack.

Camp cookware. After a flirtation with mess tins frypans like this are now en vogue with soldiers again


Body armour - not used much as it caused teasing from other soldiers

I walked to the Greyhound station.  Do not do this – the tourism office map has a logarithmic scale.

Richmond down town



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