Philadelphia to Baltimore

I left West Philadelphia.

The street where I stayed

The bus to Baltimore was quite good but the Megabus dumps you in some megamall on the outskirts of town.  From the dropoff point look around for the city bus stop.  The 35 will take you back to town.  It takes about 40min.  Once in town they have a good system of free buses.

A deli. This was all I could afford for lunch (not quite)

I settled in with a new hostess – they had a cat called Murgatroyd!  I started eating the 1.22kg bag of tuna that I’d acquired in Providence.  Mmm tuna.

The next day I set off to the Museum of Dentistry!  Normally $7 but free with military ID.  Yussss!

Grip used by a circus performer to hang from.

A child's jaw showing both sets of teeth

Queen Victoria's dental set!


A dentist's pocket knife. These are all for levering teeth out.


Washington's false teeth. NOT made out of wood!

I ran across another Occupy site.  This one was quite clapped out but they did have a cat.

It was on a leash.

I hadn’t planned on visiting the historic ships but saw that entry was FREE for military so I did.

Aboard USS Constellation - the officers' quarters

Officer's berthCaptain's cabin

 It’s worth a look but only if you don’t pay.  They set off a cannon at midday – just a poof of smoke and a bang loud enough to scare the many children.

From there I went to the USS Torsk – a WW2 submarine (also free for military).

Fire torpedoes!Buttons!


Looks comfier and drier than several of the places I've slept on this tripGalleyThis is how to maximise the space in your kitchenComms. The local radio club uses this.The bridge. Where is the periscope, dammit?!Vroom!No war like a paper war.

Sonar station. Ping!Looks bigger on the inside . . .From there I went to the extremely helpful visitors' centre and left with 1/2 cwt of maps, brochures, etc. Note that there is a bus to Ft McHenry and it is NOT worth walking.Fort McHenry

This is not where the US anthem was written – actually the chap was aboard a British ship in the harbour, thus enabling him to see the Star Spangled Banner in the distance.  I would like to see a floating memorial but they use the harbour for shipping so it is unlikely.  What they have done is made the fort (used in 1812 war) a National Shrine.  The info centre is extremely slick and modern.


The fort is shaped like a star with a central area of buildings.

Flagpole is a replica of the original


The foundation of the original. The cross shape is appropriate given the reverence people here have for it.Mock up of officers' quarters

I took the bus back to town – it leaves from directly outside.  For lunch I had Subway – 50% off for military!  Then I went to Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.  Entry was $8 with my ID – I don’t know how much it is normally, but it is definitely worth visiting.  It’s the private collection of a comic salesman.



And fair enough tooBanned comics!


The original Gerrymander!

 It also has a large section on popular culture, with all sorts of items.

The Superman exercise kit! This makes a lot of sense and would do a lot to reduce childhood obesity.


Ray guns!


There were a lot of badges on displayHow could they not still be selling these?


Beatlemania! This was the only non-American section.

 The difference between postwar Britain and America was clear – there was no sense of austerity in the 1950s here – just masses of disposable income.

Girl power! Note Charlie's Angles hairdryer set.


CARE BEARS!!!!! It's Ton o' Heart elephant! My Care Bear! Now stored . . . somewhere


And another 80s icon - Transformers. Soundwave (on the left) was the most sought-after.


And on to the 90s.