Noone in the house was awake before 11.30.

We walked out to the Culinary Museum.  The adult charge is $8, but the student on the desk put me through as a child ($2).

A slave deed of sale and Middle Passage chains


Original designs and Formica samples for 50s diners


Interior from an early diner


The appliance history section was very interesting. Here are the toasters.


Competitive cookery!


This cake is 5 years old.


Seldom used implements - asparagus tongs, egg guillotine, etc.


Very early microwaves - the one on the left is 1960s, the right 1970s


State of the art in 1920


State of the art in 1820

We caught a bus back to town to avoid exhaustion and had a huge kebab lunch at East Side Pockets (it’s $7 but good value).  Then my host showed me around the downtown area.



Rhode Island Capitol


Another Occupy protest. This one is mainly homeless people that are over the moon that they can camp in the park.

That evening I went to Providence place – America’s second largest carpeted mall.  I drooled over all the lovely things in Williams-Sonoma, bought some socks, then swindled a free shoe cleaning from some demonstration.  I was then pulled in to a vortex disguised as a tea shop.  They start you off on sweet fruit teas where you can’t even taste the tea, then literally pull you further and further in to the shop.
“Are you thinking of getting in to loose leaf tea?”
“Not really”
“Try this one!”

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