Boston to Providence

Another trip to the gym to start the day.  Luxury!

I took the T to the World Trade Center for the Boston Christmas Festival.  By not knowing the way, taking a very circuitous route and generally wandering I found myself going in a side door.

Gingerbread competition - this one didn't win. Must try harder, C+



There were about 1000 stalls selling seasonal food, decorations, wooden signs, other wooden gifts, stained glass, soap, and random crap.  I had my pack with me so it was extremely awkward going around everything.  I thought I could stash it, but being in America wouldn’t someone think it was a bomb?  Too bad, it was heavy, so I hid it behind a curtain.  I went down the food aisle three times since they had samples for EVERYTHING – dips, (including cheesecake dips), sauces, jerky, cookies, whoopie pies, nuts, and oils.

After I was full I went to the train station.  On the way I passed an Occupy camp at Dewey Square.

Public education

Their agenda

I do think the corporations (apparently evil because they are not people) are more effective at sending messages.

The train to Providence took an hour and my host met me at the station.  He turned out to be a fraternity treasurer and took me around all the frat houses for some Saturday night partying.  They all look the same!  All the houses have a graffitied basement, a keg, someone working a sound system, a crowd of short girls (dietary deficiencies here?  They were ALL under 1.5m) and a coloured light.  The colour of the light was the only way to tell them apart.

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