New York to Boston

I got up a bit early and did some exercise around the hostel.  It was right next to some housing estates so I did get a few looks while doing chin-ups on the monkey bars.  During breakfast (acquired from the previous night’s castoffs) I made a tentative plan for the next few weeks, then there was more boring administration booking accommodation and buying bus tickets.

I caught a Megabus to Boston.  They didn’t even check my ticket!  It was reasonable quality, and I had the front seat on the top deck, so I had a complete view of the numerous traffic jams that we passed through.

A non-Manukau looking section

I thought the interstate looked a lot like SH1 through Manukau, and coming in to Boston looked like the motorway between Penrose and Greenlane.

The trip took 4 hours and then I took the T (Boston’s subway) to the HI hostel.  T tickets cost $2 no matter where you go.  The hostel was very nice and cost $34/night for members.


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