Boston Day 3

The US has the cheapest laundry facilities in the world – $1 for a wash and $1 for drying.  Hurrah for clean clothes!

I took a trip to Lexington – subway to Alewife (about 30 min) then a bus to Lexington central (about 20 min).  My first stop was the National Heritage Centre.  Sounds fine?  It’s run by freemasons.

50 of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence were masons so I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising.  However they do hide the masonic thing until you get to the front door.

A piece of Revere silver - used in masonic rites

They had an exhibition of photos fron the national parks, then one about masonic dress.  The main theme was that though it may look strange, normal clothes also go out of fashion.  They had a psychedelic 60s trouser jumpsuit on display to prove the point.  However dressing up in a knitted woolen devil outfit will never be normal.

The main exhibition about the revolution was actually quite small, but of good quality.

British muskets

There were several things to touch, like mock military equipment so you could feel the weight.  However it only went to the outbreak of the war.

Revere was not the only rider - this chart shows all the minutemen's rides

Living under British rule isn't that bad

I walked in to the town centre.  It was all picture-perfect New England scenery –


Large houses, autumn colours, and children walking about for a trick-or-treat afternoon (I don’t know why they were holding it on Nov 2).  My objective was Battle Green- the site of the first shots of the Revolutionary War.  If it wasn’t for the sign you wouldn’t know it was there – it’s just a patch of grass!

Worse than one of those central North Island heritage trails

Zzz!  There is a statue of a minuteman, and that’s it.  I ate a sandwich and returned to Boston.

One of the many pie-carts - not that they call them pie carts here.


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