Boston Day 2

The hostel had free breakfast so I made full use of it, having cereal, toast, fruit and ‘yoghurt’.  It’s not real yoghurt – more a strange-tasting dairy food.

Boston is extremely pretty and I felt like I was walking through a film set – all clean brownstone blocks with deciduous trees lining the footpaths.  They have some very nice sports shops so I looked at the latest in jog-proof earphones.  Then I walked along the Freedom Trail!  They really like their Revolutionary heritage here and there were several people in olde worlde garb leading tours.  I did not pay and probably missed out, or maybe there just isn’t that much to see.

State House

I went in to the Old South Meeting House, which has a small exhibition, but it wasn’t that exciting.

Old South Meeting House


The trail was good for a bimble through town and I did veer off to go to Quincy Market.  There I had some clam chowdah and sampled everything that was giving away samples.

The Italian district

Paul Revere's House

A memorial to those killed in Afghanistan and Iraq

18th century graveyard

The trail led to the old naval shipyard at Charlestown.  The main draw here is USS Constition, but when I went it was shut.

Not HMS Victory

They did have another ship from WW2 that was reasonably interesting to look around.

They are very proud of their dry dock



The command and signals room. I had to take the photo through a perspex situation board

Apparently it can be very busy here in the tourist season.

Back on the trail I headed up to Bunker Hill.  There is no bunker but there is a massive monumental obelisk.

I liked the mixture of edibles in this window-box

And there was an obelisk, too

There are 294 stairs to the top.  I tried running and was puffed by stair 75.  It’s worth going up since there is a decent view at the top (through scratched perspex windows) and it’s free.



That evening I went to Equinox – America’s Best Gym (as voted by Fitness magazine).  I had printed out a trial pass and made sure not to wear my brown hobo jumper.  The guide stressed that everything was on the same floor (climbing stairs is such a drag).  They also provide all towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, hair gel, and mouthwash.  The equipment was all lovely and new.  The only problem was that they had Tempur mats for the ab section – I normally fall asleep on gym mats and these were just too comfy.


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