London Day 6

A very exciting day – I went to the Dr Who Experience!

The first part of the experience is queuing – first to get in, then again to go in to the main part of the exhibition.

Props to distract you while queuing

No photos in the experience itself -so what do you get for your £20?
– a room done up like Starship UK
– Matt Smith guiding you through the whole thing – the script is quite funny
– The Tardis control room with hydraulic floor movement
-the flight deck of a Dalek ship.  This is the most convincing because the animatronic Daleks look realistic
– A short 3D video of the time vortex

It would be better for children.  Then you get a lot of costumes and monsters.

The best Dr.

Decorative vegetable.

Old school

New school

Extremely scary waxwork of Matt Smith

You could date people by which costume the went to.

Sonic screwdrivers

Props from latest series (note hand from one of the million children)

This is a proper cyberman.

Oooh daleks!

A proper dalek from the 1980s

Modern fat daleks

How they make the costumes

The art department room

Then you get to go to the gift shop.  Unfortunately I had no room for a life-size cardboard cutout Tardis.

I headed to Camden Market (since apparently Portobello has ‘nothing’ in it, according to a Serbian woman who was also staying at my homestay.

It has a lot of vintage clothes, souvenirs, food, records, and assorted cool crap

It really is alternative, unlike the watered-down type things we have in NZ.  The vintage shops were hit and miss – some just had things imported from the US, but others had full-on pink paisley minidresses.  I bought a schmancy uber-cool shirt for £20.

Camden. Note the Camden Eyes at the top of the picture

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