London Day 5

I headed to WhitehallMy first stop was Horse Guards Parade.

Rare photo with noone posing in it

The Household Cavalry have a museum-£6 entry.  You can look in to the stables and try on their armour.

Canes used by monarch's personal escourt


Essential equipment




One officer decided not to buy something on his retirement, and told the others to buy something and put it on his mess tab. This is what they bought - a huge lump of silver

They have a changing of the guard here at 11am.

It's not as busy as Buckingham Palace

I continued.

Downing Street.

The Cenotaph.

Then I went to Wellington barrack, where the Guards have their museum.  If you arrive about 11.15 you will see the new guard marching off to Buckingham Palace, and there is no crowd of tourists.

Coldstream Guards uniform


Wellington's greatcoat is on the wall


Late 19th century uniforms from Egyptian campaign


A garter!


Couldn't ind my old OC in any of the pictures


The Queen's uniforms!!!

The old guard arrives back about 12, and there was no crowd when I came out of the museum.  However a lot of people ran over when they saw them arrive.


I headed to Parliament.

Hard to take a bad picture of Westminster


Or Boudicca. Note sword-wheels.

Parliament wasn’t having tours when I went for some reason. I walked over to Westminster Abbey but the queue was long and it was expensive.

But it does look nice

I caught a train to London Bridge.  Someone coming out of the station at Westminster thought the first building he saw was Buckingham Palace, so he will be showing his family a lot of pictures of the Treasury.

Outside the Design Museum

If you like design you should go here.  They change the exhibitions regularly. When I went they had a good gallery of Kenneth Grange.

Cameras from model to production

Very 50s bus stop


Dual purpose - bookshelves and a coffin. This is not actually a new idea.

They also had an exhibition of archetypal designs.



The development of road signs


Portable computers


Early Discman and Minidiscman


One way to cut petrol costs




These are all calculators


Scary designs - the one on the right reads your thoughts to control a computer


Scary designs no. 2 - a worker's office pod.


Recycling. This is a chandelier made from NHS specs.


And finally - a portable particleboard maker. Because you never know.

I crossed London Bridge.



The new City Hall


Tower of London and the Gherkin

I didn’t go to the Tower because it was £20!  I went back to Harrow.  It was my host’s birthday so we all went out for ‘Thai’.  Some of it was Chinese and some was very Anglicised- tomato sauce in the pad thai!

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