I arrived in York by bus (£35, 6hrs).  There was some lovely scenery – farms, woods, and a nuclear power station at Middlesbrough.  I’d rather live in Auckland than Bishop Auckland with that thing around.

My host collected me from the station and served up sausages, mash, and peas.
“My last guest didn’t like it but that’s because they were bloody foreigners.”

He gave me a guide to the Snickleways of York.  If you are planning on visiting it is well worth borrowing or buying.  Even the locals use it.  I set out early in the morning.

View of the Minster from a gimmel - or possibly a snicket

One of the city gates. The heads on top are where they used to hang actual heads to deter visitors

Nifty cross-stitch

The first path went around the side of the minster to an unusual war memorial.

A piece of ruin with plaques attached

The Treasurer’s House was shut for an unknown reason, so I walked on to the delightful town centre.  They have the oldest inhabited buildings in Europe.

From the 13th century

The path goes in and out and all over the place, down little alleyways and often going around the same point, but never doubling up.

But I did find excuses to go through the market several times. Sampling!

A gimmel

Another street

The Holy Trinity church, hidden in a little square off the main road


Actual half-timbered buildings from the actual Tudor era.

I love the pose here - like the emperor is watching television and someone made a Polaroid sculpture

Back to the Minster. It was surrounded by tourists.

and inside. Not quite money-lenders but £9 to go inside?!

Instead I bought a fat rascal for £1.75. Nom nom nom.

The Shambles! All souvenir shops.

Apparently it’s Britain’s Loveliest Street.

The Merchant Adventurers Hall. My merchant adventure was collecting from a big bag of walnuts that some shopkeeper had decided to throw away nearby.

Clifford Tower. They charged admission too!

The River Ouse


They have a lot of grey squirrels here, and they are impossibly cute

I had a look in the Museum Park.

A garden of specieis from America. The stone ornaments are Roman sarcophaga.


Rockery and ruins of an abbey

I returned back to my homestay.  On the way I stopped in at a supermarket.  They are selling fireworks already!

That evening I made Yorkshire pudding.  Having gas up to 300° and beef dripping certainly helped, but they rose sky high!  Here they water the batter down and put pepperin the pan to make them rise.  I don’t think I have ever heard anything stupider.

View from my window

The next morning I went to the Castle Museum.  It’s £8.50 for visitors or free for locals.  The exhibits are a bit random but interesting – history of hygiene, living rooms, births, deaths and marriages, and WW2.

The Victorian Parlour

Helpful booklet for grooms


1940s kitchen

1980s kitchen. I feel old.


Fire engines

Home Guard equipment. Note the booklet.


Now I feel even older.


1960s exhibit. Look at those ruffles!

Sindy. I don't think there is/was anything wrong with these - I'd much rather girls aspired to have domestic bliss rather than become tarts like those Bratz dolls.


Subversive literature!

I watched a clip from Dr Who (The Dalek Invasion of Earth) then exited through the old prison.


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