London Day 2

I went to Oxford Street for SHOPPING!  First – Selfridge’s

Cellphones made in England. There is no decimal point in those prices

They had some sampling in the food hall.  M&S just had a supermarket!  I wandered towards Knightsbridge.  Down one street I saw an Aston Martin showroom.  It seemed like a random place to have it – next to some apartments.  Then I realised I was in Park Lane.

No touching!

Translation: We don't know what the terrorists are up to. Look busy.


Wellington Arch.

I went to Harvey Nicholls, but it’s really only for fashion addicts.

So I went to Harrod's


One of the food halls

All vastly overpriced


The kitchen section was interesting. This is a new trend in dining tables - the dining desk. Note the central organisers.


Drainage section for disk rack is plumbed in. Smart!


Cake mixer with built-in element. £1000.

The whole place was just full of tourists, except the porcelain section, where the mothers had sensibly decided not to take their children.  They had £300 dinner plates.

From there I walked down to the V&A.  Their fashion section was shut!  But they did have a temporary exhibit about Private Eye.  They encourage photography.  How civilised.

Original Letraset lay-ups.

An Indian hat. The rings are actually razor-sharp quoits.

They had a ton of things to see, but I went for 20th century design.

Woolworth's dinner set

German 'garden egg' chair


Technology design. The white rectangle unfolds to become a 45 player

Lampshade. Fabulous! I bet the Ainos Steakhouse has one.

They had a good section about the 19th century.  It was all standard stuff until I saw this.

Christopher Dresser kettle from 1890s.

I’d never heard of him!

And the tea pot. He beat the Bauhaus by 30 years!


Arts & Crafts wash stand

The V&A also has free internet if you have to occupy any companions that don’t like sculpture, paintin, photography or decorative arts.

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