Buses to Cardiff go through Bristol so I had a wait there for an hour.  The station isn’t too bad.  I arrived in Cardiff by late afternoon and took the bus to my homestay.  Note that the buses do a figure 8 rather than a loop so you do need to see which way they are going!

My homestay, and TV crew outside filming some kind of thing

The next morning I headed to town.  Cardiff has a small city centre that has recently been renewed.  More importantly they have Poundland so i could buy my lunch.   The library will give you 1hr of internet for free but it’s a bit patu.

A nightclub. I feel old.

Wales isn’t terribly well known in New Zealand, since we had few immigrants from there.  However  found it very nice.  THEY HAVE WELSHCAKES.

These are fried on a hotplate and are delicious

In the afternoon  went to Caerphilly.  It’s 30min by train.  The village is nice, and you can buy cheese, but I was there for Britain’s largest castle.

Spiffy. Note the leaning tower

Inside the tower



Inside the Great Hall

The main area


The other tower was left in its original state. The whole castle used to be like this until the 1920s

2 man crossbow on display


Other medieval weapons

I headed back to town and made a meatloaf for my hostess.  Meat can be very cheap here – £1.20 for 400g beef mince.

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