Cardiff Day 2

Off to St Fagan’s Museum!  Note that with bus privatisation here a day pass on Cardiff Bus won’t work for the museum because only Eastway go there regularly.

The museum is about 20min from town and occupies a large site.

Guess what it is. A pigsty!

Inside an 18th century farmhouse. I found this intrinsically calming somehow.


A cockpit! Inside it had a raised platform and seating

Traditional Welsh pottery


Iron age houses. They were like this across Britain

Almost all the houses had their fires lit, including these ones with no chimneys.  It’s a wonder noone was asphyxiated back then.

Workers' Institute from 1917

This had a large library inside, with some current newspapers to read if you wanted to.

General Store. The display in here was quite good, with only a small part containing modern items for sale.

A row of terrace houses. Each home was fitted out in a different period.


The communal oven for the block

1840s home


1980s home

The gardens


Prefab house for bombed-out families


Inside the prefab, aka the tin palace


Oldest house on site - 15th century.

There’s also a stately home (St Fagan’s castle) but it’s not open inside.

The garden

There is an exhibition but I didn’t find it to be as well done as all the buildings.

17th century chain that rattles when you move, to emphasise that if you could afford a chair you were important


A Welsh dresser!


Smocks. The rest of the agricultural exhibit was utterly boring.

I returned to town and headed down the bay.  There’s a large film studio for Dr Who, Torchwood, etc, but THE DR WHO MUSEUM IS SHUT for renovation.  Damn them.

The site of the rift in the universe.

I went to the Senedd (parliament).  It’s very small but free. There’s also a shop called Fabulous Welshcakes.  YOU MUST VISIT.

That afternoon my hostess met me in town to see me off, and gave me a bag with some meatloaf, tan square, and a lemon.  I checked – it was a lemon.  Hmmm.

The night bus to Edinburgh was £63.  It stops quite often for 30min breaks, but s comfortable enough.

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