The local bus company does a good tour of Stonehenge, Old Sarum and the cathedral for £22.  That includes all entry fees, so it is worth it.  While waiting for the first bus out I used the internet at the library, which is free for 30 min.


You can’t go right up to the stones but can get quite close.  There was definitely a crowd and I’m glad I went in the off-season.


The other mystery was the gift shop.  They sell lemon curd.

From there the bus goes directly to Old Sarum, a hill fort.

Reused by the Romans, Normans, and everyone else

Norman ruins inside the central defences

The other side

The Norman ruins, only uncovered in the 1890s, are reasonably large.

Church foundations

View up from the church

The green and pleasant land

This is just ridiculous

The tour pass lets you take any bus back to town so I didn’t have long to wait.  Then it was off to the cathedral!

Actually that good in real life

They have free guides who give a good spiel.

Oldest clock in Britain - from 14th century

Colours from local regiments are laid up here. The threadbare ones are from the Napoleonic Wars


The choir. Evensong is at 5.30pm. The ceiling was preserved by Cromwell's men painting it over

New window added in 1974, designed by a Frenchman. Jesus is on the cross in the central panel. Noone in the group could see it. Mary is down to the left.

The altar fronts are made to be seen from the rear of the cathedral.  This ones is the London skyline.

The oldest burial. This chap brought the Magna Carta to Salisbury.

I didn’t know that the Magna Carta was here, but it is – the best preserved copy that exists (there are only 4).  It’s a surprisingly understated exhibition, and you can go right up to it, but no photography is allowed.  It’s only slightly bigger than A3 but with very small print.

Then there’s the gift shop, which is NOT understated.

I was too poor to buy any of this, but isn't it lovely? Anyway drinking from a tin mug is far too common

Once more. The sun shone on the spire just as I was taking the shot.

From there I wandered about the town a bit.

100+ flavours of milkshakes. Very civilised.

New Zealand lamb! This is why it's so expensive at home.



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