Landfall at Portsmouth was at 6.30.  We disembarked and went through border control.  I was the only non-EU resident and was gently interrogated about my intentions.  Another entry without having my bag searched.

I walked towards the city centre and some Northern Irishman attached himself to me since we were heading in the same direction.  He kept asking me questions like, “Do you think they are nice here?” and, “Do you know where x is?”.  Despite telling him that I arrived on the same ferry he did he somehow thought I would know more than him.  Is it my brown jumper?  He sat with me, waiting for the information office to open.
“Seagulls must be the most successful birds in the world.”
“Should I ask those guys over there if they have any jobs going?”
“Can you find the accommodation listings in this paper?”
“What do you think happens when you die?”

9.30 couldn’t come too soon!  I picked up all the brochures then went to a community centre up the road to do my laundry.  It was a well-equipped place and I sat in the cafe, until I was kicked out for not buying any food.

I went to the Portsmouth Historic Docks.  They have a lot of things that you need to pay to see but also some things that are free.



A coastal patrol ship from the Gallipoli campaign



At this point my camera exploded, unable to contain the awesomeness.

If you want to go around you have to pay, so I didn’t.  I caught a train to Salisbury instead(£16).  I bimbled around a bit since the YHA was full, then the B&B I rang at first accepted a booking, then told me they had looked at the wrong page and were in fact full.  I returned to the info centre to ask about campsites – there’s one by Old Sarum, but you can also camp at the YHA.  I returned and they told me they didn’t usually have camping in October, but if I wanted to it was fine.  So I did (£9.50 for members).  They had a good kitchen and I watched some quality British TV.  Lovely.


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