I caught a bus to Bath for £13.  They run daily at 10.30am.  To fill in time I wandered around the little market in the town square.  They sold lovely baked goods, fresh fruit and vegetables, sausages and random electronic crap.

Bath really put on a show.

Local park that you can't go in to.

I met my hostess and she showed me around the sites – not the baths themselves because the queue was about 500m long.

The perfect bicycle.

The Circus

Bath is almost entirely Georgian, and it is all preserved like this.

The Royal Crescent

And right next to it is a popular place for ballooning

They make a lot about the Jane Austen connection here.

Her house. Now a dental surgery.

There is a museum thing down the road but apparently it’s crap.

Oh pretty

That night I went for a run along one of the public footpaths.  It went through paddocks and in to some woodland and came out on a hillside overlooking the town.  It’s called the skyline walk and is well worth it.

The next day I went to some of the touristy spots.  To have a reasonable time at the baths you have to go when they first open in the morning at 9am.

The presentations are very modern

Roman sandals! They look in better condition than mine.

I liked the design of this mosaic floor


Curses thrown in to the pool

Ruins! They also have models for the blind to feel



A drain!


And finally the main bath itself. Originally it had a roof, but this way you can look at the abbey too.

From here I exited through the gift shop and went to Sally Lunn’s.

The oldest house in Bath - 15th century, although this frontage is 18th century.

Unfortunately the buns were £3.88 and they only do sit-down meals so I didn’t try one.   Instead I went to the Fashion Museum.  It’s free for National Trust members, and HPT has a recirocal arrangement.  They had a big exhibition of wedding dresses.

And lovely photos from the 1920s-40s. Look at that bodice!

My favourist was a striped mod minidress from 1968.

This is their oldest dress - 17th century. The photo doesn't do justice to the silver thread

Late 18th century dress for making an impression at court

They had a good section on fashion development during the 19th century, then it went in to contemporary fashion.  This section was not as detailed.

This was their only Mary Quant outfit. Disappointing!

This season's alleged trends. Whatever. I have been to Paris and it's all colour blocking there.

From there I wandered about.

Typical street

Then I went back up to the skyline walk hill.

Look at it!

Then back down to earth.

The famous bridge with shops on it.

I don’t get it.  It really is just a bridge with shops, but the tourists go mad over it.  They’re not even good shops!


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