Paris to Caen

Since I had to pack up my tarp it rained in the morning.  I headed in on the bus.  When you buy a ticket at the train station you can use it on trains and buses.  When you buy a ticket on a bus YOU CANNOT USE IT ON THE TRAIN.  This insanity brought to you by FRANCE.

What a lovely day

Since It was cloudy I decided not to go to the tower – I wouldn’t have gone up anyway since it was €13.  Instead I went to the Musee Orsay.  Even at 10am on a Sunday the queue was about 2 hours long.   I didn’t go in, instead going to a cafe to read and not have to carry my pack.

I caught an afternoon train to Caen.  Buying the ticket:
“Jay voodray oon billay to Cayenne” (I have watched films about WW2, I thought, I know how to say it)

Response : “Pardon?”

I ended up writing it down so she didn’t send me to Calais.  She just said “Con!” and gave me a look.

This time I had the RER train.  It took about 3 hours.  It was also grey in Caen, but not raining.  My homestay collected me and said she’d make a traditional French dish.  It turned out to be ham and potato bake!  But it was very nice – they put cream in it and a cheese rind on top, like you get on a camembert.

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