Caen Day 3

Having heard all sorts of horror stories about using the bus to go to the D-Day beaches I decided to keep my scope limited.  However, the tours are good value for what you see.  You could go to one beach by bus for €11, but a tour will take you to several and you have the commentary.  Don’t forget museum entry fees too.

I decided to go to Juno Beach, where the Canadians landed, as it only needed one bus.  As usual there was a strike on but the regional buses were unaffected.

The bunkers have fallen in to the sand

The beach, looking west

I imagine that if I were Canadian it would be more interesting.  As it was there didn’t seem to be much to see.  I went to the museum (€8), which is rather good – it is all about Canada and their contribution.

Inuit memorial outside the museum

Reproduction ration - 4000 calories


Meccano for adults - a model Bailey bridge used for training


Relics washed up on the beach

A memorial in the centre of town

I returned to Caen.  There wasn’t really much to do except use some of the fitness equipment around the outside of the hippodrome.  After that I undertook my most audacious mission – serving one-dish mince to the French.  I couldn’t find a large enough pack of mince at the supermarket so I went to the boucherie.  He had no lince on display but I managed to convey the idea – he smiled an immediately put two beautiful steaks in to the mincer.  €11 for 500g of mince.  Cor.

The dish didn’t turn out the best – I blame not having any beef stock, and they don’t have the right onion soup here!  When I served it everyone took a large handful of grated cheese as a precaution.  But it seemed to go well enough.  Afterward we had the usual cheeses and pudding – they do some very gourmet dairy food here.

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