Ieper to Arras

I woke up to light rain.  It steadily increased so I had to pack up the tarp in the wet.  I headed to the train station.  It’s not possible to go directly from Ieper to Arras so I headed to Lille Flanders.  I had all my camping crap hanging off my pack and someone complained to the conductor that it was dangerous!  Just my poncho on the ground!  It was only about 30cmx20cm that was on the floor, and there was a large clear path to the door.  Once again, no sympathy for the pack.

Lille was 100% French, and expensive.  I bought a ticket to Arras for €16.  It’s a small town in the Pas-de-Calais, not notable except that for a few weeks here in 1917 4000 people died every day.

Robespierre's housePlace des HerosTown Hall, destroyed in WW1Patisserie! I'm in France!