Cologne to Brussels

I took a train to Brussel, Brussels, Bruxelles – that place.  Supposedly bilingual but everyone speaks French.  I arrived in the afternoon but being a Sunday nothing was open.  I tried buying my onward ticket to Bruges but the ticket machines only accept the railway Bahncard or . . . Proton!  No Visa, no Mastercard, no Amex – not even cash!  I had to queue in a very long line (2 windows open to serve about 100 customers).

After that I went out to find the market was just closing.  The grocery stalls had boxes of dented fruit out so you could take things for free.  I took some bananas, 2 cucumbers and a clementine orange.  More stores should do this.

I took a bus to my homestay.  Noone gave me any sympathy for my pack and I was pushed a lot.  Eventually I arrived and was fiven a large plate of alad, a weisswurst and an omelette.  The meeting of cultures!

The next day I set out to the heart of enemyEU territory.

A street

Brussels proved quite difficult to navigate.  This meant I wandered around seeing all sorts of things.

A city gateView from the Palace of JusticeMemorial to the Belgian infantry outside the Palace of Justice