I took an afternoon train to Bruges.  They run every hour and your ticket can be used for any time.

In Bruges!Town HallHow continental

 I checked in to the Snuffel hostel.  A bed in an 8 person dorm costs €16, including breakfast, and they have a kitchen!  Finally!  I went for a run then made dinner entirely from things in the free food cupboard, then nibbled on some free corn chips while reading the new book from their book exchange.  Very civilised. 

The next day I made the most of my free breakfast – toast, Nutella, jam, speculaas spread (far too delicious), muesli and chocolate milk.  Then I wandered around some sites on the way to the train station.

Another churchModern art, known locally as the Governor's CarwashSpeculaas anyone?Chocolate!A cannon that fell out of the window in the 18th century, became lodged in the pavement and has remained there ever sinceSome historic building

 Note the small blue and white plaque.  This is an international symbol to denote a cultural treasure NOT to be shot up in a war.  They are all over Belgium.  I have never seen them anywhere else.