Berlin Day 5 – Potsdam

To get to Potsdam from Spandau is a bit of a faff, and took an hour on the train.  However it is well worth it.

2 min from the train station and we are in to it!

 Potsdam was in the DDR so it retains some of that East German . . . flair.

Note the helmetTypical streetAt the market - an information display about edible fungi

 They have a Dutch district, but that’s just a section of Dutch-style buildings.  I didn’t see any Dutch culture.


From here I wandered around the old town (2 bakeries per person) and had a traditional Berlin lunch.

One of the town gatesCurrywurst!

then went to the main schloss at Sans Soucci – another Frederick the Great building.

Take THAT!View from the palace

There’s a combined entry ticket for €19 that lets you in to all the castles for one day.  It’s worth it if you visit more than 3 – you can easily do it at Sanscoucci Park alone.  Arrive early to avoid crowds and make the most of the day.

The tour of Sansoucci Palace is done with an audio guide, and groups are let in every 5 min.  I started by looking at the kitchens.


 There was also a sizeable cellar.  From here I ascended to the main palace.

The entrancewayNeeds more RococcoFancy ceiling- to distract people from dirty floor?The end room had very fruity decoration