Berlin Day 4

Time for shopping!

This is quite typical of the German look - they like brown tweeds, fur, leather, riding jackets and hats

I went to the Kaufhaus Des Westens, aka the KaDeWe.

The ground floor is the usual assortment of perfumes.  On the first floor they had women’s clothing.  I saw a nice jacket with very rustic thick topstitching on the lapels matched with a pretty floral ruffle front blouse.  I found one on the rack.  Hmm . .  no price tag.  I found one on another.  €249.  *choke*

An attendant administed defibrillation and I went to the 3rd floor ´lovely stationery, electronics, beautiful toys and €150 schoolbags.

The 4th floor was all lovely kitchenware.  They had an Alessi section!

Not a salt pig - he's a salt hog!

They also had Ritzenhoff glassware, but I didn’t like any of this year’s designs.  Their bakeware section was very good, and surprisingly cheap.  They sold ‘blending spoons’ for mixing batters, with a hole in the middle.  The tins were very cheap and I nearly bought some.

Bakeware designed to be transported.

I thought I would be kickjed out for asking where the plasticware was but they did have a plasticware section- lovely polycarbonate made in Italy.  I bought a tumbler for €3.50.

Next was the reason I had come here – the gourmet floor.

About €4 a slice

They had every food you could think of – even dragonfruit.  There was a suitably huge chocolate section, fresh and cured meats (bacon chips!), fish, prepared food, cheeses, spices, and imported things from the US.


Extremely disappointed I left and had lunch across the road, including a wuppi.  This is a bread shortened with quark in the dough, and it’s very nice.  I walked down the Kurfurstendamm looking at the fancy shops.

Along the Ku'damm

It was all a bit schmancy.  I took a subway up to Schloss Charlottenburg .

Frederick the Great's digs

Entry was €12 so I just walked around the very agreeable gardens.

Belvedere, the garden shed

The larger section of the garden is very forest-like

I took a train back to Spandau and looked around the old town.

16th century citadel


In the old town

My host was working late so I made my own dinner- I was finally able to try Maultasche – large pork and herb filled ravioli.  Delicious.

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