Berlin Day 3

I set out towards Mitte, having heard that it was a fancy hipster neighbourhood with retro shops.  However they do not open until after 12pm.  Very hip not getting out of bed.  At least it meant I did not spend any money.  Instead I bought some Berliners (doughnuts).  Surprisingly not amazing!  One had a filling that tasted like Christmas mince.

I looked at the East German architecture.

Oooh pebbledash

The Fernsehrturm - TV tower

Rotes Rathaus

It costs €11 to go up the tower so I did not.  Instead I went to the DDR Museum (entry €6).

BEST MUSEUM EVER!!!!  You can touch almost everything and take photos.  They have a Trabi set up with virtual ignition and accelerator.  Of course, it doesn’t start first time!

East German computer

A diary noting which things were not in the shops


East German ersatz coffee - barley

Stasi surveillance equipment


Model of a flat

Fabric! The DDR did not have nylon. They had Ddrlon!


Steroids given to athletes

A kitchen. This was fully stocked so you could fondle the plasticware


The living room. The TV played clips from shows

Closet for a conscript


I rather liked this display

There were also sections on voting, the environment, economics, the wall, and prison.  Once outside I decided to try the restaurant with apparently authenic recipes.

East German pork hamburger

Cheapest thing on the menu – €4,20.  The pattie was quite coarse but there was nothing special about it.  For a better retro food experience go to the Ainos Steakhouse in Invercargill, New Zealand.  They just haven’t changed anything in 40 years.  Including the decor.

I passed through museum island, since I hae already been to the places their exhibitions are about.

The Old Museum

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