Nuremburg to Weimar

I had only a morning in Nuremburg so I did some high-speed touring.

A tower on the city wall

I went straight to the old town.  It’s full of impossibly beautiful half-timbered houses, cobbled streets and old churches.

Part of the castle at the northern edge of the town

Town hall and fountain


Albrecht Dürer's house!

There was a market in the main square, selling soap, wurst, and a strangely large amount of kitchen equipment.  I bought some gingerbread and Bamburger lace.

Typical street

I caught the train to Weimar – I had to change twice and for the first time was on the regional train.  The 2nd section was 30min late, meaning I missed my connection.  Fortunately there was another one 20min after I arrived at my station in the middle of nowhere.  I arrived in Weimar at 5pm.  All the hostels were full.  How can Weimar be full?  I had no option but to go to the campsite.  This was 14km out of town (not 7km like Lonely Planet says).  There was one last bus going to a nearby village that I caught, and then I had to walk the last 4km.  After 1km someone picked me up and took me the rest of the way, meaning I didn’t have to set up in the dark.

The Oettern campsite is very nice – I put my tent next to a hedge, but it still collected all the dew.  It cost €4 for the site, €2.90 for me, €1 for the high season fee, and €1 for a shower, making it not much cheaper than a hostel.


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