Berlin Day 2

I went to the centre of town for a random bimble.

Oooh democratic

The Bundestag is the most visited parliament in the world – 30 million visitors annually.  The West German parliament in Bonn only had 11 million visitors the whole time it was there.

Bonn. So boring the government moved out. (This was quoted to me by a German)

The Brandenburg Gate!

If you look closely in this photo you can see the Berlin bear that you can have a photo with.  But there are also East german border guards, and a Star Wars imperial stormtrooper.  (He’s in the photo, above the car)

After that I went looking for Hitler’s bunker.

I bet the food's possessed

The Reichs Air Ministry, then DDR offices


Die Mauer!

There’s an exhibition here called Topography of Terror, about the Gestapo and SS.  It’s free, which is a good price since it’s just a lot of panels to read.

Oooh cardboardy

Down the road is another free exhibition, this time about the Stasi.  It’s free, very small, and not worth going to.

Stasi card filer


Checkpoint Charlie, as manned by a Turk dressed as an American, and eating a doughnut

The museum here is €12.50 so I didn’t go in.  Instead I went to the Ritter Schokowelt.  There were no samples.

They have done well with their restoration work

From here I went to the German Historical Museum.  €6, and very much worth it.  Allow a whole day.  I had 4 hours and it was not enough.

I'm in EUROPE!

There is an excellent balance between religious, political, social and scientific history.  Some of the photos are a bit blurry as I was taking them discreetly.

Take that, calligraphy section in the Islamic Museum in Kuala Lumpur

Black death prevention mask.


Paper theatre. These were popular in the 18th and 19th century. The layers are about 3cm apart.


18th century pinball



Bismarck's hat!

Yes, they did have a pickelhaube section.

Well, you can't really avoid it in Germany.

Unlike some countries that try to whitewash their past (I’m looking at you, China) here they confront evevything and it’s handled very well.

A Nazi dollhouse. Look at the wallpaper - scene from the Hitler Youth. And Hitler and Mussolini in the picture on the wall

Unfortunately I had to rush trough the 20th century.  They had an excellent section on 1920s cultur.  The section oncultures in the two Germanies was also very thorough.

1950s West German furnishings. Also 1960s East German furnishings.

I walked back along Unter Den Linden and it was all full of people having cheap €2.50 coffees.

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