A day in Weimar

I started early since there are no bus services from Oettern in the weekend, so I had to walk to Weimar.  Fortunately it was sunny, and almost entirely flat.  There are a lot of apple trees on the roadside from which you can collect fruit.  I did!

One of the pretty little villages on the way

When I arrived in Weimar the first hostel I checked was still full, but Hababusch hostel had some room.  It’s a nice little place and has a kitchen, and a strangely detailed aerial photograph of the railway station.  I treated myself to a calorific breakfast.

Why have a plain bun when you can put streusel on it?

Recharged, I set forth.

They are very proud of their literary heritage here. The building behind is where the Weimar constitution was written.

Next I went to the Bauhaus Museum.  It’s small but has a good video documentary and a reasonable range of artefacts.


After taking this photo a guard who looked exactly like Himmler told me photography was VERBOTEN.  I moved on.

The town hall, which you can use for your wedding, apparently.

Onions are the thing in Weimar.  They have a big annual market and you can buy onion cake year-round.  It’s a shortcrust base with onion topping.

The schloss


Goethe's garden house in the park. He designed the garden.

Entry was €4 so I did not go in.  There was also a tunnel system in the park that charged €3.50, so again I did not enter.

The Römisches haus. More entry fees, hence exterior photo only.

Being part of the former DDR there was also a large Soviet cemetary in the park.

Goethe's house

I did go in here (€8.50 *choke*).  There’s not much to see.  His study is quite interesting, and the library has 7 000 volumes but is only the size of a large wadrobe, which makes for narrow passages.  There are also a lot of guards to stop you from stealing any of the numerous busts.

Goethe's bedroom

He was an avid gardener

Being no. 2 I did not bother with Schiller’s house.  And Liszt doesn’t even count!  I bimbled through town.

Thüringer Rostwurst!

Weimar also has a mall, if you would believe it.  Strange place, like they don’t quite know what one is supposed to look like.

But they do have the milk section. Every German supermarket is like this.

I bought some klöß mix.  It’s a traditional Thüringen potato ball that is boiled.

The kitchen in the hostel. There was something I very much liked about it.

The klöß! It was like eating glue.

There was a large group in the hostel from a Steiner school in Austria, but they were whipped in to line so that it was actually a very quiet night.


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