Munich Day 3 – Dachau

I took the train out to Dachau.  From the station there is a trail following the path the prisoners took to the camp.  It’s about 3km.

It follows the old railway siding

Section of track where the Nazis left a train full of prisoners as they were evacuating in 1945

As you near the camp you pass the old SS barracks, now used by the Bavarian riot police.

Remains of the guard hut

The camp has free entry.

Camp entry

The gate


Roll call ground and the 2 remaining barracks

One of the secure cells

Some of the religious detainees were allowed to practise their religion.  They were held in better conditions than the other prisoners.

Portable altar

The main building now houses a very good museum.  It starts with the rise of the NSDAP after WW2 and ends after the camp became a museum.  They recommend children under 12 not be taken in, with good reason.

Bench used for beating prisoners

Ceramics produced in the camp factory


The utility building - formerly camp kitchen and admin centre - now the museum

Inside the barrack - reconstructed 1965

The other barracks have been removed.

They had 34 barracks.

There are several religious sites at the other end of the camp.  Off to one side is the most harrowing part.

The crematorium. Dachau was never used for mass extermination but they did use it to test designs.

Gas chamber

What makes it worse, in a way, is that the trees around it all make it seem very serene.  There are several monuments to the unknown prisoner around this area, and some more sites that you may want to avoid.

This area was used to shoot prisoners.

There were several school groups, and one from the German army.   The Germans are all born with original sin thanks to the Nazis.

I left and returned to Munich.  There wasn’t really enough time to do anything else.  I wandered back to the campsite (past some people coming from the Oktoberfest who were emptying their stomachs on to the footpath) and went for a run.  Other people run here!

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