Munich Day 2

Monday!  Everything will be open!  But it was still raining.  I headed in to the central city in search of warm clothes and a tarp.  I looked in several hardware shops without success.  I did find some German equivalent of Dress for Less where I bought a synthetic woollen hat and brown polarfleece for €8.  Being brown it was cheaper.  As a bonus they also sold tubes of sauces for €0.50.  I bought one to liven up my luncheon sausage that I find myself eating so much.  I walked on and found a 2ndhand clothing store, where I bought a blue raincoat for €9.  I told the man not to put it in a bag, and he laughed and said (in German) “What?  It’s so nice you want to wear it straight away?!”

With my hat, jumper and raincoat combination I looked the complete hobo. No more being annoyed by people thinking I am a rich tourist!

Lunch. This is a typical milk carton size here.

From here I countinued the search for the tarp.  In Munich they have some amazing sports shops – better than Singapore’s Orchard Road.  All 3 have 6 floors, and one has a pool so you can try out your kayak before you buy.  I never knew I needed so many things!  The first 2 didn’t have any tarps in stock.  I looked in at a lovely homewares shop.  They only had large tarps.  The 3rd shop did have the right thing, and also lovely Arcteryx gear, Tasmanian Tiger packs, Surefire torches . . . . I bought a small spice container keyring to liven up the luncheon.

Thus freed from my shopping list, I went wandering.

Munich Hofbrauhaus. Where Hitler did some after dinner speeches.

From there I went to the large open-air market.  I can spot a free sample at 400m so i did quite well.

Viktualienmarkt. The smell was so lovely

Cheese, anyone?

Nearby is a church where you can go up the tower for €6!  I am not giveing money to the catholic church.  I have seen where the Pope lives.

Inside St Peter's church


The Altes Rathaus

Typical street

I returned to the campsite and set up my tarp – I found a broken umbrella and put it over one of the guylines to stop people tripping on it.  The other side was handily covered by a tent full of Spaniards.  Success!

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