Rome Day 3

Because I had to listen to the drunks having a party outside my window until 3AM I overslept.  Then I had to deal with the washing machine at the campsite, which swallowed my token and didn’t start.  When I asked the man in the ‘bazaar’ when I bought the token, he told me ‘not my problem’ in Italian.  With all this I did not arrive in Rome until 10.30.  I went straight to the Vatican.

The queue starts just to the left of this photo

St Peter's basilica

A ZILLION people were in the queue.  I did not want to wait, and besides, I am not Catholic.  I saw a coin phone nearby but it swallowed my money too!  Not being terribly impressed, I walked down to the Castle Sant’Angelo.  This was the fortress of the papacy.  Entry was €5.  Inside you walk through the foundations, which are actually the mausoleum of Hadrian.  Then it moves in to papal chambers.

The Pope's treasure chests!


View from the terrace


You can just see the Colosseum in this

Leaf-spring catapault


The outside

I walked on, looking at the buildings.  Actually they’re rather boring after a while.

A more scenic direction

I ordered a lasagne for lunch, and once again I was given reheated crap.  Dammit!

I kept going and ended up in an area with shops, and Augustus’ mausoleum.

The mausoleum

The shops were all boutiques selling things I could not afford.  Italian shops all seem to have a large foyer with windows displaying the wares.  Where I was it was all Prada, D&G, Fendi, etc.

The latest thing, eh?

One of the many fountains




I have to say, even the equivalents of Shanton were more stylish.  There was a lot of fur on sale too.  By the way, anyone reading who doesn’t like fur should first see if they own any leather.  It’s the same thing!  As you can see here a bit of fur can really make an outfit.

I walked up to the Villa Borghese.

ALL the streets look like this

The Villa Borghese is a very large and very nice park


Part of it is built over the Campus Martius - not that you can see any remains

View from the southern side. This is just above the fountain shown earlier

I went back to the campground, and on the shuttle back from the train station I saw what looked to be a fitness park.  I investigated, and it turned out to be a complete open-air gym, with several weight benches, some dumbbells chained to a post, 4 chin-up bars, parallel bars, and even some exercycles!  And it was all free to use, so I did!

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